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To view a group, enter the group name or ID and hit View. To create a new group, enter a group name and password and hit Create Group. To log in and edit an existing group, enter the group name and password and hit Edit. Groups that have not been viewed or edited for an extended period of time are subject to deletion. Since we do not require an e-mail address to create a group, we have no way to send your password if you lose it. In the case of a lost password, make a new group. What is a group? A group is a collection of listings much like bookmarks in your browser are a collection of web sites. To create a bookmark of a group or share a group with a friend, use www.furp.com/vg.php?gi=1234 where 1234 is the group ID, or www.furp.com/vg.php?gn=group_name. If you use the group ID to allow others to view your group, they will not see your group name. If you use a group name for others to view your group, they will be able to login to your group if they can guess your password. By only letting others view your groups with group IDs, you can use convenient and easy to remember group names and passwords with little risk because both the group name and password would need to be guessed to access your group.

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