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Build a Wireless Web (WAP) Site for Your Small Business

Create a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) site that can be viewed on cell/mobile phones and PDAs by simply filling out a form at 5minutesite.com. 5minutesite.com is a normal HTML site where you can build and edit web sites without any technical knowledge. The 5minutesite.com system takes your web design and automatically builds regular HTML and mobile WAP versions of any sites you create. If you already have a web site, you can add your site to the 5minutesite.com directory and create a WAP site so your customers can find you when they are on the go. So click on Add/Create Site to make a site for your small business or add the site you have to the directory and build a WAP wireless web version of it.

Useful information for working with WAP sites
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a collection of specifications that facilitates the creation, transmission and display of compact web sites suitable for viewing on mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices. Traditional web sites are written using HTML, WAP sites are written using WML (Wireless Markup Language). WAP pages can only be viewed in a browser that supports WML. Most mobile phones and PDAs have built in WAP browsers, so once you have activated wireless Internet access on your phone or PDA, you should be ready to start browsing the wireless web. Viewing WAP sites on a PC will most likely require you to install an additional browser because the two most popular browsers, Internet Explorer and Firfox do not support WML. The most popular PC browser that supports WAP/WML is Opera. There are also a number of speciality WML authoring programs and web sites containing emulators that can be used to view WAP/WML sites. You can find these by searching Google for wap browser. If you would like to learn how to write WAP/WML sites, a good place to start is the W3Schools WAP / WML Tutorial.

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