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Special Events:

Dancing With Hope

On February 11th, the University of Nebraska Medical Center's student-led group Students Alliance for Global Health (SAGH) will be teaming up once again with Omaha's local dance and nightlife community Dance to Save Lives to host our third annual philanthropy event "Dancing with Hope" to benefit Global Partners in Hope, an Omaha-based medical and healthcare missions group (see below for more details).

- Vintage Ballroom (614 S 11th St in the old market) will be hosting the event once again.

- At 7:30, Bridgett and Chris will be instructing an intro class to Kizomba.
- At 8:30, world class dance instructor Derek Pasqualleto will instruct an introductory course on latin dances: salsa, merengue, and bachata.

- Afterward, Blandon Joiner and Salserodalante Productions will be playing a variety of favorite dance music, from merengua and salsa to bachata, cumbia, and kizomba.

Ticket prices are $20 for the general public and $10 for students at the door. Buy your tickets online, ahead of time for only $15. Ticket prices include instructional classes and social dancing after the classes. All proceeds go towards Global Partners in Hope. All drinks are $5 and will run all evening up until close. Please note, we will only be offering limited advanced ticket sales (see below for more details) on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for visiting our page, and we hope to see you out on the dance floor.

Online tickets:
For students (must show student ID at the door):

Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) is a Nebraska-based, non-profit organization that has already made a lasting impact in Mali, West Africa. GPiH has developed a turn-key system of funding, developing needed infrastructure and building sustainable healthcare centers in rural, impoverished villages in West Africa.
GPiH is launching a $3.26 million Capital Campaign for West Africa which will include:

- Center for Excellence and five outlying Health Centers in Togo over the next six years

- A Guest House for visiting medical professionals

- Seven wells in Togo

- Solar panels to power the health centers and wells

Services in the Center for Excellence will include family health, OB/GYN and birthing center, cardiology and pediatric care. The outlying medical centers will provide basic family practice, OB/GYN and pediatric care.

Help us support them in their mission by having a fun night of dancing at Vintage Ballroom.

For donations please see:

New Salsa Classes at Just Dance Studio
------------Coming Soon---------------

Salserodalante Productions Weekly Social Dance Venues:

New Salsa Wednesday's

Bogies West (cover $5 til 10pm/$7 after 10pm)
14334 U St, Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 281-4031

Doors Open: Thursday 7:30pm to 1:00am

Free salsa dance lesson starts shortly after 7:30pm.

After the LESSON enjoy social dancing until 1:00am!


New Salsa Sunday's

The Hive (cover $5 til 10pm/$7 after 10pm)
1207 Harney Street
Omaha NE, 68102
(402) 504-4929

Doors Open: Sundays 7:30pm to 2:00am

Free salsa dance lesson starts shortly after 7:30pm.

After the LESSON enjoy social dancing until 2:00am!
About Salserodalante Productions
Learn to dance L. A. Style salsa in a fun social enviornment that will make you forget that you are in a dance studio. Meet interesting new people from all walks of life. Salsa dancing is for all ages and remember that you don't need to bring a partner!

Blandon Joiner
Director, Salserodalante Productions
Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

Tel.(531) 329-7107
䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀ Blandon Joiner Bio ䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀

Blandon, "Salserodalante," Joiner is a World Class Professional Choreographer, Coach, Performer and Instructor of Salsa On1, with over 17 years of dancing salsa around the globe and 15 years of teaching quality salsa dance instruction.

Blandon's teaching style is complex with sabor (flavor) and musicality. Blandon is also known as a true connoisseur and DJ of vintage Salsa music with a capital "S", who put salsa on the map in only 7 years in Cadiz, Spain.

His goal as an instructor is to make any new student that comes through the studio doors a Salserodalante (Great Dancer) and give them a salsa dancing experience like no other!

Blandon continues to travel to salsa events and salsa congresses around the World to provide all of his students with the skills to dance on any social dance floor!

Trainers include: Al, "Liquid Silver" & Karla Espinoza; Edie, The Salsa "Freak!"; Cuban Pete & Barbara Craddock; Christian Olviedo; Bernard & Sonyo Martinez; Ismael Otero; Angel & Tulane Rivera; Ruby Karen; Iran Castillo; David Melendez; David Nieto; Luis Vazquez & Melissa Fernandez; John Jay; Tito Ortos & Tamara Livolsi; Jayson Molina; Ricardo Sanchez & Michelle Castro; Salomon Rivera; Nelson Flores; Jesus Morales; Nelson Vidarte; Rony & Dinora; Edwin Rivera; John Narvaez and Liz Rojas; Miguel Aguirre; Jose & Jo Quinones; Francisco Vasquez; Bobby & Mitsu; Alfredo Figueroa; Alex Lee & Chi Le; Darlin Garcia; Junior & Emily; Liz Lira; Ava Apple & Dave Paris; Rogelio Moreno; Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow; Vera Rowe, Luis Aguilar; Anya Katsevman; Joel & Ana Masacote; Troy Anthony & Jorget Alcocer Kimberly Rivera; Andy Cruz; & Elvis Collado.

Services: Group Classes, Private Lessons, Private Parties, Choreography, Workshops, Television Commercials, Shows, Promotion of Salsa Clubs & Dance Venues, Corporate Performances, & DJ services.

For salsa dance lessons and Salserodalante Productions performance bookings, please contact us at:531.329.7107.

䷀䷀䷀䷀ MORE INFO ䷀䷀䷀䷀
Q. How do I know what level of dancer I am?
A. If you have never taken a formal dance class before, it is always best to go to beginner group lesson because each instructor has his/her own style and teaching methods. If the class is too slow or easy, then move up to the next level.
Every instructor has their own interpretation of what determines the level of their classes, see how you fit into the general level of ability of the students in that class.

Q. Are dance shoes necessary & where do I purchase them?
A. Just as soccer shoes are not necessary to play soccer, but are very helpful for control and obtaining better performance, the same holds true for dance shoes.
One can go for a while using regular street shoes, but once a dancer wants to reach a certain level of performance, proper dance shoes make a world of difference. They are made to be light weight, flexible, yet supporting enough for balance and control of movement.

Q. How long will it take me to learn to dance well?
A. Everyone's interpretation of what dancing "well" means is just as different as everyone ability to learn a new skill. Because everyone learns at a different rate, it is very hard to answer this question with one blanket statement, however, it is guaranteed that every student will learn the basic step in their first class.
In every lesson, the student will learn more and have more fun.
The best way to learn a new skill is to attack it at many different angles- visually (videos), physically (taking group & private lessons), and mentally -- and remember Persistence & Practice make all the difference between a fast & slow learner. Its is always wise for budding salseros to bring a notepad with them to class small enough to fit on there person. This allows students to learn dance termanology quickly and also abbreviate the same.

Q. What is the proper clothing to wear to a class?
A. If the group classes are in a dance studio (as opposed to a night club), casual & comfortable attire is the norm. Jeans, pants, or dresses are acceptable attire. Running shoes are not very practical for learning dance because they tend to be too bulky and sticky. Any street shoe for the gentlemen or flats & heels for the ladies are acceptable.
If the group class is in a night club, it is always best to find out the dress code of the night club because some have very strict dress codes.

Q. What is "Cumbia" and is it different than "Salsa?"
A. CUMBIA is a type of music as well as a dance. It is a very popular dance in Colombia and Mexico. The Colombians tend to dance it very close to together with very few turns or elaborate movements. They also have differing rhythms (i.e. quick-quick-quick-quick, or quick-quick-slow).

In terms of SALSA, most countries around the world has developed their own style of dancing but there are basically 2 schools of thought about the "Basic Step". One variation is called "Cumbia" style salsa. The South Americans tend to do this "Cumbia" style salsa which is based on a SIDE-TO-SIDE BASIC STEP (i.e. side step and breaking back with one foot, then side step and breaking back with the other foot).

There is also a "Mambo" style salsa which is based on the FORWARD-AND-BACK BASIC STEP (i.e. breaking forward with the left foot and returning to the center, and breaking back with the right foot and returning to the center). This is the style that is popular in places like Los Angeles and New York. Some islands like Curacao, do the "Mambo" style salsa but break forward with the right foot and back with the left.

It is interesting to see how the World Salsa Congresses (which have met in Puerto Rico every year since 1997), have developed a unity among many countries and styles of salsa. There is a give and take of ideas, philosophies and movements.

Salsa is still a "street" dance with many different views about the way it "should" be danced, but the passion for dancing this great Latin Dance called SALSA, is universal. Some dancers & instructors have a preferance salsa On1(L.A. Style) and others On2 (Mambo). My personal opinion is that the rythm (song) and clave(2-3 or 3-2) should determine your timing.
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Featured At Just Dance Studio
4534 S 84th St
Omaha, NE 68127
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Phone: 531.329.7107
Contact Person: Blandon Joiner
Directions/Parking Information:
Just Dance Studio is locate directly behind the Penthouse Lounge on 84th & "K".

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